David Davidović
David is a 16 year old high schooler from Serbia with a deep passion for game development and computer programming in general. During his relatively short journey, David has explored various areas such as network, operating system and Android programming, cryptography and web design, but had always found himself returning to his roots in real-time video game development. He has received several country-wide recognitions for his skills in various programming-related fields, which he prides himself on. As a user of software such as GNU/Linux, GCC and Firefox, to name a few, David is an avid supporter of the free software movement and everything open-source; he believes that empowered programming communities can deliver wonders no software company can ever come close to. When he doesn't code, he does vocals for his Belgrade-based thrash metal band. He is currently studying at Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade, Serbia, where he lives.
Latest Posts
  • Game Development
    Gamma Correction and Why It MattersPreview img notext
    Many game developers (mainly those that work with 3D graphics) often overlook this small aspect of how graphics hardware works, thereby introducing subtle visual artifacts that, while not instantly noticeable, still impair the look and feel of their game ever so slightly. Find out how to avoid this mistake!Read More…
  • Game Development
    How to Learn
    How to Learn PolycodeHow to learn polycode
    Polycode is a free, open-source (licensed under the MIT license), and cross-platform "framework for creative coding". This term is seldom heard inside the game development community, but what it basically means is simple: Polycode provides you with tools to express your creativity through code, and although it is fully qualified to bear the "game engine" moniker, it prefers not to.Read More…